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"Rings are precious, to say the least, and I have developed this ring web site so consumers and shoppers can browse for many different rings, including; diamond, platinum, and sapphire rings. Besides engagement rings ..." Simon Mavera

If you cannot find the ring of your dreams why not design your own engagement ring? see design


Contrary to popular folklore, we don't believe engagement rings need to be worth 2-3 months of a man's salary. That must have been invented by people in the jewelry business;-) I do believe that when buying an engagement stone/ring you can be thoughtful and frugal. Of course...if you can afford it....go for gold (or should I say sapphire and platinum!)


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Buying a ring online?


"The idea that an online credit card transaction is risky is unfounded. I'd much rather buy a fine ring online than hand myvisa card to a stranger in some mall. 128 BIT encryption and secure transaction companies completely take the risk out of online purchasing."





Diamond Engagement Rings

Picking the perfect diamond engagement ring is allot of fun. It's very exciting to be browsing for such a momentous symbol of love and eternity. Sizing up your stone cut and setting are all part of the occasion and the final outcome is "usually" a yes.


There are many theories out there regarding white gold bands, silver bands, standard gold bands (carat ratings), and platinum bands. If you have the money, platinum is the way to go as it is more durable and out weighs the other precious metals for status. Depending on all other choices you can go with a silver or gold band setting.


We are fond of simplicity and modesty. An engagement ring should not be a burden or eyesore. I've seen women wearing glass stone engagement ring settings just to look impressive but instead look gaudy and frankly silly.

This is just our opinion but we would rather where a modest diamond ring that does not overshadow the wedding ring.


Disabled Leicestershire woman left 'violated' as rings ripped from fingers
Without warning, the woman ripped off Denise's wedding and engagement rings, along with a ring given to her by her late mother-in-law.

Advice on choosing the right engagement ring for you and pocket


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Times have changed in the jewelry business thanks to the internet. People are taking advantage of buying their expensive jewelry out of state and avoiding local tax. In most cases a diamond ring will be delivered to your door before your local jeweler has opened his.


Online shoppers have a much larger selection to choose from and usually lower prices than their local shop.


That is a point men should consider before pulling out their credit cards at the local jewelers or at home on their computer. That brings me to another issue: where to buy quality engagement rings...