Engagement Rings

For some, the solution may be simple, and some families have a ring that is passed down through generations, used as an engagement ring generation after generation. Hopefully, you will know about such a ring, through family discussions and hints. If not, then asking her father’s permission may bring up the engagement ring, which you should use as family is important.

For others, choosing a ring is nowhere near as easy. Fortunately for many men, women like to drop hints, and may have pointed out rings they like whilst walking past jewellery stores whilst out shopping, whilst watching television, or whilst reading magazines. The number of times my wife pointed out rings she didn’t like on the television, and the few that she did gave me a great idea of what to look for and what not to get.

Before you decide to look for a ring, you should have a budget in mind. Each and every part of picking the right engagement ring will probably seem like an impossible task, and choosing whether to follow tradition, and spend three times your monthly salary on a ring, or choosing your own budget is a completely personal option.

You must bear in mind the cost of a wedding, rarely met by the bride’s parents anymore, as was tradition, and your own financial situation. Whilst your future wife may appreciate a £5000 diamond ring, she may prefer £5000 towards a house deposit, and her own home, and a more sensibly priced engagement ring from Argos.