Design your own Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings

Contrary to popular folklore, we don't believe engagement rings need to be worth 2-3 months of a man's salary. That must have been invented by people in the jewelry business;-) I do believe that when buying an engagement stone/ring you can be thoughtful and frugal. Of course...if you can afford it....go for gold (or should I say sapphire and platinum!)

I would recommend browsing through some of different websites selling engagement bands and get a feel for what is out there. I've posted some links below of my favorite ring merchants. I have written below some things to consider while you are choosing an engagement ring:

Step one - decide which center stone you want. You can go with a ruby, a diamond, an emerald, or a sapphire. The setting will likely attract your eye and your decision might be decided by the kind of gem.
Step two - decide on the center stone configuration you want. Some of the common cuts are known as trillion, marquise, heart, round brilliant, square brilliant, oval and pear.

Step three - Once the above has been decided on it is time to look at different ring settings. This means choosing white gold, gold, platinum or silver for the band. You will need to take into account the kind of center stone you chose when picking out the band and ring setting. For instance emeralds will likely be set with a gold band due to the natural color of the stone.

All of the above steps have to coincide with what your bride to be wears for jewelry presently. If she likes big and flashy rings then look out. Get a loan or run for the hills:o) Just kidding. Keep in mind what she may or may not me allergic to and take notice if she likes gold, silver, white gold or platinum.

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